Give happiness and Watch you receive it


What is #IamSomalia project?

Nonprofit charity projects where we want to present Somalia as living art, where we focus on raising the fine, the known, the unknown and the ugly. We want to perform projects such as storytelling in an artistic way because Somalis are artistic people, even though they are illiterate, they are very creative and use poetry, comedy and music to communicate with the outside world.


Why do this charity Project?

We want to create opportunities that cause liquid funds such as art exhibition in cooperation with Växjö Art Hall and massive competitions to win different kinds of gift cards, where the requirement donation to the collection to participate in those competitions that will be available. We will distribute all collected money to our partners:

- Food supply
- Education
- Helth Care
- Create job opportunities in Somalia.


How do we do it?

We will, in collaboration with Växjö Art Hall, carry out the project in an intimate space using light, sound, paintings, dancers, poetry and musicians delivering live experience of Somalia. We will offer pre-sale tickets to participate in the art exhibition.

Please join us to make sure Somalia continue to make the world smile with them.

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